TUNED Brief development team - Team completo 02

TUNED Brief development team

Under the supervision of Davide Ruzzon, TUNED’s scientific director, a workgroup has been set up with the help of the architect from Rome Antonio Sorrentino. The team consists of a group of young architects and researchers, who have almost all graduated from the master’s  course in NAAD ‘Neuroscience Applied to Architectural Design’  at Iuav University in Venice or the POLI.design course held at Milan Polytechnic.

The team will research into four strategic realms: the workplace, housing, education facilities, health care facilities and, lastly, the city. Based on TUNED’s analysis and consultancy method developed by Davide Ruzzon, the group will also help set guidelines in various fields of interest.

In addition to Antonio Sorrentino, the team will also include Elisabetta Canepa, an architect and Ph.D. graduate from Genoa University, Claire Daugeard, a French architect and psychologist, Ashwanth Ramkumar, an Indian architect, and Federica Sanchez, a young architect from Florence.