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The City We Have in Mind

A roundtable attended by scientists, researchers, journalists and international designers to think about our cities after Covid and the new boundaries they will have. Promoted by Lombardini22 in partnership with Conscious City.

The City We Have in Mind

“We are responsible for causing the coronavirus pandemic. It may have come from a bat in a cave, but it was spread by human activities”.

David Quammen, author of the cautionary tale Spillover (2012), opened the proceedings by clarifying the position he took years ago through his research:

“Viruses do not come from a different planet and do not come from nowhere; they are viruses that infect animals, but can make the leap from one species to another at any moment – a spillover – and even infect human beings. Those responsible for the next pandemic are already amongst us”.

A meeting to think about nature and our changing relationship with surrounding space that is a product of our values, but also of what those values constantly recreate.

An event designed to study our cities with foresight that will feature Sarah Williams Goldhagen, Colin Ellard, Alessandro Melis, Itai Palti, David Quammen, Davide Ruzzon, and Adolfo Suarez