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The city of desire

The city of desire

15 september 2021, 17.30

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When we speak of desire, we immediately think of carnal pleasures, or of those pleasures related to personal or work satisfaction. We hardly associate Eros with the architecture or context in which we find ourselves. Yet, space is as integral as we are in the dynamics underlying our desires because it is their generator and repository.

The essence of desires is not a mere abstract concept. Primarily, it is a physiological sensation that we seek, by bringing to fulfilment an experience, thus materializing it as a bodily expression.

First anticipating, and then gradually triggering the Neolithic Revolution, artificial spaces represent the solidification of mental schemes of primordial interaction between the movement of the body and the environment, which surrounds it, according to the hypothesis of Gobekli Tepe. Architecture was born as a petrifaction of feelings, and of the collective rituals embedded within.

It is an indissoluble bond that unites architectural space with desires

that architect Davide Ruzzon will deal with on September 15 in the Lectio Magistralis series organized by physicist and journalist Silvia Camisasca for the virtual e-learning platform Skilla.

The cycle consisting of ten online events, to which will participate, national or international professionals such as Salvatore Majorana, Roberto Battiston, Luca Dal Fabbro, Michela Marzano, Letizia Mencarini, Tiziana Catarci, Stefano Scarpetta, Claudia Segre and Luisa Torsi,

is dedicated to the understanding of the great economic, geopolitical, environmental, demographic, urban and social scenarios and the underlying dynamics.

Davide Ruzzon’s lesson, entitled “The city of desire“, is a part of the neuro-architecture field, emphasizing the intense and continuous exchange that has existed for centuries between built space and the most hidden desires.

If you want to deepen what these links are, and, above all, to know how the city and architecture could give shape to desire, freeing it from constraints, you can follow the event.