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Psycho-physical well-being at the center of the design of logistics spaces

Is it possible to transform the workplaces of the logistics sector, which have always been isolated and bare, into relational, conscious, empathic and, therefore, human-centered spaces?

This is the question from which PROLOGIS Italia starts to develop ParkLife’s project, which sees the first concrete application in Lodi. A challenge that is recalled at all levels of sustainability. While on the one hand, an attempt is made to pay particular attention to the impact that the project could have on the environment by trying to improve its ecological profile and to create sustainable spaces. On the other hand it is proposed to soften those negative effects that a built environment, so pour of stimuli, could reflect on physical and psychological well-being.

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Area relax

The team of architects, together with Tuned’s director, Davide Ruzzon, who edited the neuropsychological brief, Adolfo Suarez, partner of Lombardini22, Cinzia Di Dio, Alberto Giuntoli, Cristian Catania, Laura Magri and Mattia Rota, elaborated the project concentrating on two focal points social relationships and physical and mental well-being.

PROLOGIS Park Life – Somaglia was born, in fact, from the need for an international company to support workers operating within the district, and the truck drivers who frequent it. Through a series of services and relaxation areas it is possible to enrich the outdoor space, to promote physical and psychological well-being, and reduced stress, thus improving mood and cognitive skills, and increasing the sense of belonging to their workplace.

The project, which will take place shortly, is developed through a series of punctual interventions, in a sort of urban acupuncture, aimed at enhancing the support areas outside the buildings: a break area for coffee and informal chats, a service area for drivers, equipped with toilets, showers and restrooms, and an organized relaxation area, also for lunch.

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Area svago

Companies often do not fully understand the weight of human relations on the quality of production: individual mood, the development of a cooperative propensity, have a great influence on work commitment. In fact, it is well known that excess mental and physical fatigue, and a perceived lack of energy, are linked to environmental discomfort. The impact on the quality of the work done, accidents and productivity are now obvious consequences. Rethinking logistics sites with a closer look at these variables is therefore indispensable today.