Milan Linate Airport: an innovative restyling - Linate inaugurazione

Milan Linate Airport: an innovative restyling

The reopening of the Linate Airport Terminal was inaugurated last June, after an intense architectural and functional refurbishing work. The restyling, promoted by SEA Group (Società per azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali), involved not only the technological and functional aspects but even the perceptive and emotional ones. As explained by Alessandro Fidato, Chief Operating Officer of SEA Milan Airports, in fact:

«The first impact is clear upon entering the departure area: the check-in area has been re-styled, proposing a new identity that characterises the spaces, atmosphere and the materials of the new terminal. The terminal’s ‘new image’ has been designed with great consideration, incorporating both the principles of formal and material quality and environmental sustainability. The perceptions and movements of both passengers and airport operators have been analysed according to the most innovative neuroscience methodologies in order to create the proper visual and acoustic comfort. A new vertical pathway (escalators, stairs and a high-capacity lift) has been built for passengers coming from the new Linate M4 underground station (now being commissioned following the conclusion of the construction phase) to the check-in area».

Alessandro Fidato

To read the full article published by Aessandro Fidato on “International Airport Review Magazine”, use the following link:

Tuned-Lombardini22 team, directed by architect Davide Ruzzon, was asked to develop the seven internal areas briefs (from check-in to gates) and the security zone project. Tuned made its skills, related in particular to the field of neuro-architecture, available to orient the project towards an approach that takes into account the emotional expectations of users and their neuro-psychophysical well-being, and make the perceptive and emotional experience of passengers and personnel more gratifying and fascinating.

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