Natural light and landscaping are two aspects of projects. The research referred to indicates how these effects can be enhanced by design operating on all levels, translating human bodily motion into dynamic perception.

The emotional symphony this creates is reinforced, because it is more finely tuned to people’s underlying expectations as they go about their business.

Architecture, Neuroscience and Economics


University of Oregon 2011 Ihab Elzeyadi 10% reduction in absenteeism / Peter Kahn&altri 2008 Stress Test: quicker recovery with view of nature / Sacramento City Call Center - Heschong and Loftness 2003-2008 on average 6 % faster / Julian Thayer in 2010, stress hormones in extremely stagnant settings with poor lighting / Amsterdam, new headquarters of ING Bank. Absenteeism reduced by 15% / USA Bureau of Labor Statistics (2011) Mind Wandering: yearly loss per person of 938 dollars in the private sector and 1250 in the public sector.


RRoger Ulrich 1984, 1 day less recovery time, fewer night call-outs, fewer painkillers Beauchemin and Hays 1996, recovery 2.6 days quicker in rooms with bright lighting that changes / 2005 Jeffrey Walch, 22% fewer painkillers with direct light changing throughout the day / Blair Sadler 2008, hanging and ordinary gardens ease stress and tension.


Wolf 2005, plenty of trees, partly hiding shop windows, shoppers willing to pay in higher prices being paid over a longer period and more often / A dynamic, lively setting adds value to the experience, which transfer over to the hedonic value of goods and products / Wall Mart 1993 - Joseph Romm and William Browning 1994, sold much more with natural lighting / Lisa Heschong - 1999-2003, profits rose by 4.56 dollars per 12.54 sqf with more natural lighting / Edwards Torcelli 2002 – natural light against artificial light, + 15-20% sales with the former.


Nicklas and Bailey 1996, optimal lighting from south resulted in + 3.5% attendance / Nicklas and Bailey 2006, performance drops by up to 17% in classes with no windows. 20-26% faster learning rate with natural light / Lisa Heschong in 1999, 5-18% average increase in student performance ratings / 9.245 dollars per year loss of GNP for each student that drops out / Wells and Evans 2003 have shown that loss of attention = loss of mental focus.

Housing and urban spaces

2001 Frances Kuo William Sullivan – inhabitants overlooking tall trees and greenery: enhanced cognitive activity and 25% less domestic violence/ In 2001 Frances Kuo William Sullivan, 7-8% of violence due to lack of greenery / Judith Heerwagen 2006 – social integration facilitated by presence of landscaping and greenery / Colin Ellard, urban areas that are looked after increase social cohesion, reduce financial costs of judiciary-penitentiary system / Taylor and Kuo 2009, drop in ADD-ADHD in stimulating urban environments, parks and gardens, ADHD costs 2.8 billion dollars / Taylor, Kuo and Sullivan from 2001, test on adolescents: availability of greenery results in +20% greater self-discipline and ability to delay gratification.